Hey. I’m Caleb.

My story is fairly simple, with art obviously being a rather pivotal part of it. For as long as I can recall, I’ve loved art. I loved it for its own sake, aside from the fact that I was naturally good at drawing. My earliest memories of making art go back to when I was only about three or four years old, drawing pictures of animals or people using crayons. My dear mother would then label said art, and I would begin the next drawing. It’d have to be perfect every time; if it didn’t meet my desires, then I required myself to begin again. Sometimes I used crayons, other times it was graphite pencil. Either way, l would draw whatever I was inspired to create.

As I got older I would doodle in my homework, because I was homeschooled my entire educated life. I was raised as a Christian and I continue to glorify God with my work. When I was sixteen years old I made my first serious painting of Abraham Lincoln for a contest, the grand prize involving one years’s display at the Capitol. Unfortunately, my piece wasn’t selected. I did, however, continue to discover the art of oil painting, and eventually went to Bowling Green to further my studies. I left after one year’s time, and decided to pursue freelance art. Since then, I’ve made dozens of fine oil pieces, many portraying famous people or just depictions that stemmed from my imagination. I also enjoy music, writing songs, playing guitar and singing. To me, it’s all art; they are one and the same. It’s all expression, finding oneself and then losing oneself in imagination and creativity. As the famous P.T. Barnum said,”The noblest art is that of making others happy.” It’s the ultimate high or ecstasy, to create something out of nothing, and I’m hopelessly addicted. I hope I’m never cured of it.

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